Technical Textile

Based on technical green textile industry bases,Veken has decades of operational excellence and maintained traditional advantage of technological advancements in the industry. Teamed up with renowned industry specialists in Japan and America and Europe, Veken continues to innovate and explore new products that demonstrate unique functionalities.The core lines of business involve industrial textile and technological home textiles and garments.

Within the industrial new material sector, Veken silk screen, a China leading R&D, manufacturing and selling enterprise in mid & high-eyed silk screen. In addition to the silk screen business, Veken has grown to be China’s largest manufacturer of luxury polyester jacquard automotive fabrics and maintained market strength in high-end vehicle market with a relatively large client portfolio.

Within the technology and green manufacturing sector, Veken has numbers of textile and garment industry bases in Ningbo Beilun,Jiangxi Province and other places.Veken provides competitive advantage in the development of technically advanced fabrics. With advanced manufacturing lines ranging from spinning, weaving, dyeing to finishing, Veken supplies R&D, ODM services and OEM manufacturing services to leading garments brands, home textile brands and other main apparel brands worldwide.

Within the brand products sector,Veken relying on the advantages of industrial chain and highly dynamic and innovative teams in design, manufacturing and marketing.Veken creats Home Textile and Clothing Brand Products with Unique Style.Strategic partnership with many famous international brands such as Europe and the United States.

Industrial New Materials

  • Veken Silk Screen

    Veken Silk Screen is a driving force behind Veken's success in the new materials industry. The subsidiary Ningbo Veken Silk Screen Co., Ltd. was established in 2006 and produces high tension and high precision silk screen products featuring 420 mesh and 460 mesh. Veken is the most professional silk screen developer, manufacturer and supplier in China and represents a number of “firsts” in the industry – the first joint company that partners with Japanese silk screen companies in researching and developing advanced printing techniques.

  • Veken Silk Screen

    Veken's reputation at the forefront of silk screen industry has been hard earned. Its technical specialists, scientists and engineers have profound expertise and extensive experience in material science and manufacturing processes. One of Veken's silk screen factories in Ningbo takes up 3 acres and maintains a clean workplace with "super purified" and dust-free standard. Equipped with state-of-the-art equipment from Switzerland, Germany and Japan, the factory adopts advanced Japanese management standard in production and quality control. The annual production capacity is up to 3 million meters. Veken holds dozens of patents and remains on the cutting edge of technical advancements in silk screen manufacturing and testing.

    Product Application: Veken silk screen boasts high tension, low elongation and better performance than before. The application includes touch screens, mobile phone glass screens, solar composite screens, chips and electronic circuit boards, acoustic filtration, chemical filtration and other high precision silk screen printing fields. Advanced technology, excellent product performance and highly rated customer service meet and exceed the expectations of customers in various industries.

  • Automotive Fabrics

    Based on the traditional advantages of textiles, we entered the field of high-end automotive fabrics in 2012, with woven jacquard automotive fabrics as the characteristic products, supporting the production of weft knitted and composite automotive fabrics; with an integrated production system of twisting, weaving and finishing, processing capabilities of glue, embossing, fuzzing and composite to meet the requirements of dyeing and finishing of various automotive fabrics .

  • Automotive Fabrics

    Adopting Japanese advanced technology and possessing the leading technology of flame retardant, wear-resistant and extension, which are organized and manufactured according to TS16949 management system of the automotive industry and meet the JIS standard of Japan. We have more than 100 Swiss Itema rapier looms, Italian jacquard and dobby jet looms, imported 220cm door framing machine and overflow dyeing machine are equipped with complete pretreatment equipment.

  • Automotive Fabrics

    We have reached strategic cooperation agreements with major Japanese automotive fabrics manufacturers, and successfully entered the Japanese automotive market of Toyota, Honda, Mazda and Nissan. At the same time, we have intensified efforts to expand the European, American and Chinese domestic car and new energy automotive markets.

  • Ningbo Veken Silk Screen Co., Ltd.
    Ningbo Veken Tuo Kuo Fabrics Co., Ltd.
    Ningbo Ren Feng Automotive Fabrics Co., Ltd.

Green technical Manufacturing

  • Home textile industry bases—We have independent research and development, design, weaving, printing, dyeing, finishing, sewing and other vertical integration manufacturing capabilities.Veken has the technological advantages of leading jacquard weaving and wide weaving in China.Veken is committed to using green energy and reducing waste emissions from its plants by using bio-enzyme, cold piling and batching, low temperature and little water dyeing and finishing. We will vigorously develop flexible, customized, green and environmental protection manufacturing capabilities, and provide OEM and ODM processing for our own industry and domestic and international first-class home textile sets,high-end fabrics and other brands.

  • Garment industry basesVeken has a knitted garment and down garment production base with flexibility and customization ability and green environmental protection.A highly sensitive and rapid response garment integrated design, development and manufacturing system has been formed.Veken has a national research lab for down jacket and a provincial technology center, which lead to a wide coverage of patents ranging from microfiber, abrasion-resistance fabrics to green printing and dyeing techniques. With a comprehensive array of technologies available regarding anti-pilling DPM cotton fabrics, functional fabrics and anti-pilling copper ammonia fabrics, Veken is capable of producing high tech fabrics, including magnetic fabrics, UV resistant coatings, flame-resistant aramid fabrics, ultra-soft and wrinkle free fabrics, dry-fit fabrics, antibacterial fabrics, decontamination fabrics, negative ion fabrics and drill fabrics. Veken is committed to using green energy and reducing waste emissions from its plants by using bio-enzyme, cold piling and batching, low temperature and little water dyeing and finishing.

  • Ningbo Veken Tuo Kuo Home Textile Co., Ltd.
    Ningbo Ren Feng Home Textile Co., Ltd.
    Ningbo Veken Elite Zhe Dong Weaving Co., Ltd.
    Jiangxi Ya Wei Apparel Co., Ltd.

Technological Fast-Moving Consumer Goods

  • Veken Home Textile

    Veken Home Textile is mainly based on the concept of " nature, texture, technology and health ", relying on the advanced manufacturing capacity of its own industry, adopting domestic leading technology such as high gloss finishing, functional finishing, super flexible finishing, superfine and high-count special fibers, technical functional fabrics, it ensures not only high-quality products, but also has many functions such as anti-bacterial, anti-mite, anti-wrinkle, aromatherapy and etc. By applying the idea of “Nature is the best designer”, Veken shows the natural form of mountain and river on the design to reveal the natural and taste life.

  • Veken Home Textile

    Veken home textile products meet and exceed a wide variety of international industry standards and have been certified by various international organizations, including ISO9001 Quality Management System, ISO14001 Environmental Management System and OEKO-TEX Standard 100 International Green Environmental Protection. Despite its international-standard product quality, Veken's reputation in home market is also far-reaching, as it is the first company in China that obtained the CCIC Eco-Textile Certification; also, the brand "Veken Home Textile" has been officially recognized as the Well-Known Trademark and the Famous Exporting Brand in China.

    Veken has fostered a wide range of sales channels and e-commerce networks in China as well as major countries in Europe, United States and Japan. Veken offers customized products to meet unique needs of each customers.

  • Veken Garments

    Veken has featured products in garments are light & fashionable down jackets and dynamic & comfortable knitted clothes.

    Knitted garments are mainly outdoor sportswear with dynamic function and comfortable underwear with close-fitting quality. They are made of Japanese waterproof, breathable, high elasticity and anti-ultraviolet fabrics. They have excellent technological properties.

  • Veken Garments

    YAYA was established in 1972 and has a brand history of more than 40 years. It is one of the top three down jacket brands in China and it is a national key protection brand. The product integrates functionality, fashion and comfort. It adopts imported Down-proof needle, mercerized Down-proof thread, precision sewing and other professional lock down technology and water-proof fabrics. The content of down is as high as 90%. The performance of warm keeping, Fll Power fluffy degree and cleanliness achieve the international leading level.

    Veken garment has more than 1000 physical stores in different cities among China and it has flagship stores online such as T-MALL, Taobao, JD and Vipshop. YAYA has been ranked the top two in the comprehensive down jacket market share for many years.

  • Ningbo Veken Home Textile Co., Ltd.
    Ningbo Ren Feng Home Textile Co., Ltd.
    Ningbo Veken E-Commerce Co., Ltd.
    Ya Ya Corporation
    Ningbo Veken Ya Ya Trade Co., Ltd.
    Ningbo Veken Ya Ya E-Commerce Co., Ltd.